White Rice 100% Broken

White Rice 100% Broken 1

Long Grain White Rice 100 Percent (White Rice 100% Broken)

White Rice 100% Broken or Thai 100% Broken White Rice originates from Pakistan specifies the breaking %age is as 100 percent broken and it can be from the basmati or as well as non basmati rice. 100% Broken White Rice is usually liked by deprived countries due to it balanced pricing. Furthermore polished rice variety with damaged grains or slight stained grains is also available for animals feed , bird feed ; dog-feed grade and food severe and or milling procedures in most of the states. White Rice 100% Broken is right choice for human serving its vital quality is requisite in European States to use in beer making , chemical production score like fructose, hexol or hexane, baby cereals , food service rank and so on. In added terms used for this, types are hominy and grits.

Specifications of Long Grain White Rice 100% Broken

  • Broken : 100% Max
  • Glutinous rice: 2% Max
  • Moisture : 14.5% max
  • Damaged Kernels : 1.5% Max
  • Yellow Kernels : 1.25% Max
  • Chalky Kernel : 7% Max
  • Red & Red Streaked Kernels : 2.5% Max
  • Immature Kernel: 0.5% Max
  • Milling Degree: Well Milled 100% sortexed clean
  • Color: White
  • Paddy Max: 25seeds/Kg
  • Crop Year: Current
  • Packing: PP Bag from 25kg to 50kg each

We are related in distributing to our appreciated customer’s vital quality of 100% Broken White Rice which is accessible with subsequent description.

Packaging & Delivery Detail

  • Packing

    : We Pack Our Product in 50 KG Plastic bags or As Per Customer Requirement

  • Delivery

    : Will be finalize within 15-30 Days After Receiving Payment

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